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"All of us are smarter than any of us." Douglas Merrill

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Staff knowledge

If your company wants to increase profits, improve customer (or client) experience and get your employees selling the company without realising it, then harnessing the knowledge of your employees through a confidential staff survey will give you a considerable edge.  As the economy improves the demand for talent/good employees will accelerate and a good staff survey can be a good tool in retaining employees and recruiting others.

The evidence is conclusive, as far back as 1997, Harvard business school saw employee feedback, in particular staff surveys as an important part of improving customer/client experience and ultimately the financial health of the organisation.  In 2009 a government report (the Macleod review) concluded that engaged employees do improve turnover and profits by around 15-20% and reduce employee turnover.  

Ask Your Staff was established to fulfil this need and provide staff surveys that give genuine insight and valuable feedback.  Using innovative techniques such as empathetic listening and gamification as well as robust traditional market research processes, you will receive employee feedback that will enhance the brand of the company rather than diminish it – an engagement survey that is not engaging is not an effective staff survey.

Ask Your Staff uses best practice from the Market Research Society (where the owner is a member) and the CIPD.  As a result we work well with human resources departments and marketers to increase the return on investment.

Ask Your Staff also uses one of the few ISO27001 online research providers (SNAP surveys) which ensures that sensitive data from the remains completely confidential.

Staff engagement survey

Learn how you can motivate your staff
and increase their productivity
without boring them to tears first.

Stress and wellbeing survey

Improve staff retention
and what makes them tick.
In the long run it is cheaper than
sticking your head in the sand.

Communications survey

Want to improve
your brand and external communication,
use your employees to refine your message first.
It is cheaper.