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Type of survey: Collaborative research on Organisational Change

Fieldwork: Face to Face (Staff), Telephone (Board)

Response rate: 100%

Contract value: Approximately £2,000

Birmingham Tribunals Unit was undergoing a period of organisational change as a result of a change of direction by their major client.

Thomas interviewed the key board members over the phone to understand what the parameters of the research were, what constituted success and what resources they had for retraining as well as background into this niche sector.

The research looked at the skills of the staff, including staff perceptions of individual’s skills, what they wanted to do in the future and how they thought the organisation could evolve despite a loss in revenue.

The findings from the research were used by Capewell HR to draw up an strategy and structure for the new organisation including suggestions on how to fit the role and what was needed to make employees confident in their new roles.

 In their own words

‘His experience and expertise greatly enhanced the scope of the project, providing the client with outcomes that were wider than anticipated. Tom's professionalism and quiet humour made it a pleasure to work with him” Jane Capewell, HR Consultant

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