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Type of survey: Independent analysis of survey data

 Fieldwork: Online

 Response rate: 76%

 Contract value: Under £500


King’s School Chester developed a questionnaire based on wider assessment of the school to ensure that they continued to provide academic excellence for their pupils and undertake a process of continuous improvement.

The school wanted a quick analysis of the responses from staff from an independent source.  Thomas met the HR Manager to understand more about the project and get some context for the report.  The face to face contact also allowed for an assessment of the school and an ability to get some idea of the geography of the site.

The report and analysis was produced within a week, including comparisons with previous surveys and a formal debrief following on shortly afterwards.  The report showed the school was well-managed but also provided verbatim comments to show how passionate staff were ab out their profession and where they felt changes were needed.

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