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Stress survey

Type of survey: Stress and Wellbeing Survey

 Fieldwork: Postal

 Response rate: 100%

 Contract value: Under £200

 The depths of the recession were tough for UK manufacturers, particularly those in areas of high unemployment.  Smaller orders and tighter deadlines, used to reduce the risk by their clients were putting some strain on the business and a number of individuals were suffering from chronic stress. This had a knock on effect on other members of staff who had to take over their work.

 The owner wanted to prove that the company was well-managed and that the circumstances were exceptional and we designed a questionnaire to demonstrate that the culture and management style was appropriate and that no other individuals show indications of stress or other health issues caused by the workplace.

 The research also mapped out a process for individuals who might have been showing indications of stress or feeling too much pressure in the workplace.

 As there were concerns about what the research could be used for, there were a couple of individuals who thought that redundancies were looming, we provided a one page summary of the findings provided for staff.

 In their words:

“Having an independent assessment of stress levels at my company was important as it showed to my insurers that I had created a good, safe working environment.  Thomas provided a concise report with reasonable recommendations and incorporated my feedback into the process quickly and effectively.”  Phil Allison, Enkev

Staff engagement survey

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Stress and wellbeing survey

Improve staff retention
and what makes them tick.
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Communications survey

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