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Every wondered what it would be like if your employees extolled the virtues of a new service or product?  Well it is more likely if you communicate this to them and, preferably get them to help design and hone the service as this creates “buy-in”.

Communications is the biggest issue that employees complain about within a company but often there is no way of knowing where the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s communications are.  Is it in the way they communicate (tone, clarity etc), how frequently communicate or what they communicate.

Most brands suffer from the difference between the difference between what their marketing department promise and what the employees actually deliver.  Understanding where communications failures are, why they exist and how to turn them into strengths will determine the growth and success of business and organisations over the next few years.

Ask Your Staff creates a bespoke project that looks at your current communication channels, potential channels and how they are used to assess their effectiveness and any lessons that could be used in external communications.

If your employees understand your vision, believe it and communicate it, imagine the power of your brand.

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Communications survey

Want to improve
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It is cheaper.