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Engagement Surveys

Staff surveys have been around for over 40 years but few businesses use them effectively as evidenced by the response of employees to news of a staff survey. Employee satisfaction surveys, employee opinion surveys and employee motivation surveys are all variations on the same theme – with a slightly different focus.

We operate differently from a lot of businesses that have entered the industry following the Macleod Report in 2009, focussing on aligning employees with the needs of the business.  It is all very well encouraging staff to go that extra mile, but it has to be in the right direction.  This customer orientated view of the usage of staff surveys means that we tend to look at engagement rather than simply satisfaction which might give the wrong impression to staff and customers about the company priorities.

All research projects start with an in-depth meeting with the client to understand their issues and what they need to get out of the research and to plan out the project so that key stakeholders are included in the process (an HR department that highlights siloism in a company can hardly change things if they have not asked for input from the marketing team etc).

Ask Your Staff would create the project that is right for you, from the questions that are asked, the type of survey and how the findings are delivered.  We would also recommend marketing or PR initiatives on the back of this research so to provide a return on investment – in some cases the equivalent advertising value is greater than the cost of the research.

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Staff engagement survey

Learn how you can motivate your staff
and increase their productivity
without boring them to tears first.

Stress and wellbeing survey

Improve staff retention
and what makes them tick.
In the long run it is cheaper than
sticking your head in the sand.

Communications survey

Want to improve
your brand and external communication,
use your employees to refine your message first.
It is cheaper.