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"All of us are smarter than any of us." Douglas Merrill

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About ask your staff

 Ask Your Staff was established in 2011 to provide an effective management tool for business owners looking to improve company performance.  The business owner identified a problem with the Macleod report as it only focussed on large companies and public sector organisations rather than businesses with less than 250 employees.

As a result the company works differently from a lot of other businesses in this sector, larger organisations have more complicated structures, more opportunities for "siloism" and more distance between senior management than smaller firms.  

Ironically Ask Your Staff is more focused on design and planning than the actual asking of staff. We offer a free consultation with any business to understand what they are looking to deliver and then use the right tools and the right questions to ensure this is delivered.

Ask Your Staff is based in Alsager, a village in Cheshire with a direct train link to London and located close to M6 meaning that it is relatively easy to get to any part of the UK as often a face to face meeting is best.

As one of the most effective questions that you can ask is one on trust in the leadership to make the necessary changes and so the company also offers a tailored solution to meet the needs of the client - this may include a video presentation, PR campaign or we can work with trusted advisers and managers to provide evidence-based action plans. 

We also provide all clients with a one page summary for all departments (typically 4 reports) that can be sent to employees to show how their department compares to the rest of the organisation. Also complimentary is the option of contacting us for the next six months with any additional analysis required.


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