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"All of us are smarter than any of us." Douglas Merrill

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Why us?

“We have worked with Thomas Parry who helped us to find out exactly how the team feel about various different aspects of working for Feel Good Drinks, from the office environment to training and development plans.  This helped us to manage our business in a more structured and focused way.”  Olivia Cowan, Feel Good Drinks

You could do the research yourself using Survey Monkey or equivalent, but there is a difference in the answers that you get when there is a possibility, however remote, that a manager could work out what you said.

  • Free consultation to undertake understand the 
  • Analysis of other research including historical data
  • Questionnaire designed to meet your needs and test out your hypotheses
  • Confidentiality guarantee through:
    • Compliance with the Market Research Code of Ethics
    • Use of SNAP Survey technologies - one of the few ISO27001 compliant survey tools
    • Being a third party (lack of confidentiality would cost the business more than any single contract)
  • Bespoke reporting based on your needs - video reports, infographics, traditional report or powerpoint presentation
  • Full debrief and 6 month helpline for any questions arising from the report

Why not look at how we have helped clients in the past before giving us a call.

Staff engagement survey

Learn how you can motivate your staff
and increase their productivity
without boring them to tears first.

Stress and wellbeing survey

Improve staff retention
and what makes them tick.
In the long run it is cheaper than
sticking your head in the sand.

Communications survey

Want to improve
your brand and external communication,
use your employees to refine your message first.
It is cheaper.